Control your gate from the Control4 app

Always know who’s at your door, even when you’re not home. To learn more about Control4 home automation technology, call a Smart Home Solutions representative today.

Alarm Integration

Having a secure home has never been more of an important issue until recently. Burglars are on the constant offense to exploit a weak security system and make away with your precious possessions. So, make sure your security system is as simply armed as possible. Smart Home Solutions can make this all possible with Control 4.


Security Automation

Smart Home Solutions can create the most convenient system setup for you. Having your phone nearby is all you need to secure your system and prevent any burglar to walk away easy. Allowing you to remotely arm or disarm your system, you never have to worry about walking away without setting your alarm. Make sure you give Smart Home Solutions a call and ask us about our Home Security options.


Remote Surveillance

With our Indoor/Outdoor security cameras, you can keep an eye on your home and possessions with the touch of a finger. Make sure things are ok or even check on your pets through our remotely controlled security cameras. Just one of the many options available through our security integrations.

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